Nero Liscio Truffle

Nero Liscio Truffle

Tuber macrosporum

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Nero Liscio Trufle, Tuber macrosporum is one of the most rare and refined of the European Black Truffles. Rarely harvested in quantities significant enough to export, this Truffle is typically consumed in its homeland. Often overlooked in favor of the wildly popular Perigord or Alba, this Truffle truly captures the best qualities of both. It is the perfect balance between the White and Black Truffles of Europe. With a firm dark flesh and marbled black interior, it posses a superior shelf life to the well known Alba and an aroma that is nearly indistinguishable. Not only does this Truffle possess exceptional aroma but an intense flavor that requires less effort to showcase. If you would like to enjoy one of the finest Truffles on earth, you have come to the right provider.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 5 in

1/4 Lbs., 1/2 Lbs., 1 Lbs.


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